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28 March to 24 April 2013


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The Australian Latvian Artists Association (ALMA)

The Australian Latvian Artists Association (ALMA is the Latvian acronym) was officially established on 15 December 1975, as an initiative of a small group of artists and their supporters from most of the Australian centres with Latvian communities. Its objectives were to establish contact with all Latvian artists living in Australia, to set up an information database and image reproduction archive, and to issue regular newsletters about exhibitions and visual arts matters.

Since its formation, ALMA’s headquarters have been in Sydney. ALMA mounts regular exhibitions in the exhibition area of the Sydney Latvian Centre in Strathfield, and supports a variety of special arts projects. Two such major projects have been the publication of the book Australian Latvian Artists in 1979, and a second book with the same name in 2008.

A brief history of ALMA

Australian Latvian Artists book 2008

The latest major ALMA project has been the compilation in 2008 of the second book of Latvian art in Australia, Australian Latvian Artists, documenting an aspect of the Latvian community’s presence in Australia from an artistic and cultural perspective.

This book presents brief biographic details, artists statements and examples of the work of 103 Australian Latvian artists. An introductory essay by art historian Dr Rex Butler provides an artistic context for the artists and works featured in the book, and nine additional essays about the Latvian community in Australia provide a cultural context.

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The passing of Dagnija Greste

Long time member of ALMA and the driving force behind the 2008 book Australian Latvian Artists, Dagnija Greste, passed away on 2 March 2009. She succumbed to inflammatory breast cancer, which had been diagnosed 18 months previously.

Dagnija was a member of ALMA since its formation. She was secretary from 1990 to 1998, during which time Dagnija produced a twice-yearly news letter about ALMA... Read more...

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